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Iman Batita

PhD Candidate

Publications via the University’s institutional repository

In 2015, Iman graduated with a Master's degree in urban diversity and discovered a great interest in heritage through her research for her Master dissertation. This passion was further fuelled by an optional course in philosophy. During the two years of the Master's degree, she went on several field trips and carried out a professional work placement at a heritage preservation organisation (Tunisian Medina Safeguarding Association), made up of architects working for the disadvantaged. Thus, the issue of integrating contemporary architecture in the Medina of Tunis, discussed in her Master dissertation, dealt with the question of the contemporary reappropriation of old cities’ heritage sites so that they can be used by the population. This is also the subject of Iman’s doctoral thesis, which she will start after fulfilling the post of assistant within the FAU’s Architecture and Society Unit.