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Lisa Randour

Research Assistant
PhD Candidate

Publications via the University’s institutional repository

After obtaining a degree in architecture from ISAI Mons, Lisa Randour started working in the private sector before transferring to the public sector in 1999 to work for IDEA, where she completed her professional work placement. She worked full time within their intercommunal planning department and gained extensive experience as a town planner. She alternated her tasks between territorial diagnosis and territorial planning, which, in 2008, enabled her to carry out projects in spatial planning in Wallonia.

These 15 years of experience have also developed her skills as project manager, particularly in the context of economic development, from having set up business parks and applied for and followed up calls for European projects. Similarly, thanks to her years of experience, she is able to approach issues relating to urban renewal and the rehabilitation of brownfield sites, both in terms of planning and operational aspects.

She joined the FA+U as a doctoral student in 2013 and is now a research assistant in the Architecture and Society Unit. As well as focusing her doctoral thesis on the reuse of brownfields, she is also the coordinator of a prospective transdisciplinary pilot study, funded by the Walloon Region, dealing with the economic implications of cleaning up and reusing brownfields.