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Pascale Jamoulle

PhD Social Sciences: Anthropology
Associate Professor at UMONS (FA+U & FPSE)

Publications via the University’s institutional repository

Her research and publications in urban, social and cultural anthropology focus mainly on the transformations of the working-class and mixed-race districts of Hainaut. She has investigated urban spaces where the most vulnerable live. Based on experiments and research carried out on how the inhabitants use their space, she has also studied the relationship between segregation/disreputable spaces and the precariousness of families, gender tensions and the role of drugs and risky behaviour in the identities of youths in search of recognition. Her last two books deal with migration, inter-culturality, inter-racial breeding, exile and cultural conflicts in the former working-class neighbourhoods of Brussels and large-scale settlements in the north-eastern suburbs of Paris.

Her research and interventions, involving both the inhabitants and the services concerned in a given territory, focus on the anthropology of spaces and habitats, the co-development of buildings and facilities, all of which contributes to the mental health of inhabitants.