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Architecture and Society

An approach that puts "man" at the heart of concerns.

Classically, to design a project, architects implement three types of skills, those of art, technique and function.

The unit trains students to critically confront architectural issues, such as building, urban planning and territory. Therefore, the future architect learns how to identify the symbolic values as well as those of usage and space. The course in architecture covers philosophy, the history of architecture and the arts, urban sociology, habitat and art, habitat programming, surveying, economy, and legislation.

The organisation of space is a reflection of social relations. Multidisciplinary, even interdisciplinary, knowledge is formed in order to understand this spatial organisation and to highlight the practice of architectural and urban planning.

In this sense, the architectural research themes of the unit focus on all stages of the design and production of space, firstly to develop methods that anchor projects in the social, technical, artistic and cultural reality, and, as a final step, to analyse and evaluate architectural productions. 

These areas of research focus on the reuse of industrial sites, new types of housing adapted to the changes in society, and enhancing urban images and heritage of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

Contact and Information

Prof Dr Arch Jean-Alexandre Pouleur, Head of Unit
Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
88 Rue d’Havré, 7000 Mons, Belgium
Tel: 065 554810 or 065 554828
Fax: 065 554828