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Registration for Medical Studies


Decree of 9th July 2015: After the first year (first 60-credit block of the Bachelor's)

The decree regarding studies in medical and dental sciences adopted on 9th July 2015 establishes which universities of the French Community offer courses in medicine/medical sciences, based on a total the number of students who have passed the first year of the Bachelor in Medicine and who will therefore continue the cycle.

This overall number is fixed regardless of the figure that the INAMI sets. Each university concerned receives a percentage (fixed by the decree) of the number of students who have passed the first year. UMONS is entitled to 11.15% of the overall number.

For the academic year 2015-2016, the total number has been set at 605 and the number of attestations that UMONS can attribute is set at 67 (decree of 17th July 2015, Belgian Official Journal of 14th August 2015).


PLACEMENT TEST 2016 - Monday 4th July or Monday 5th September

Information and Registration

Practical Arrangements

Address: VAN GOGH and CURIE Lecture Theatres
                “Plaine” Campus – “Les Grands Amphis” Building
                 Avenue du Champ de Mars 8
                 7000 Mons

Distribution of candidates:  in alphabetical order of registered candidates:

VAN GOGH Lecture Theatre: A – L
CURIE Lecture Theatre: M - Z

Lunch break: Each student will be served a sandwich and a bottle of water.

  • Candidates must arrive at 8 a.m. sharp
  • Anyone who arrives after 8:30 a.m. will bot be admitted
  • Attendance is compulsory in the morning and the afternoon.


Contact :  - Tel.: +32 (0)65 37 34 96


Registration onto Medicine is subject to specific and particularly restrictive legal provisions. The procedures and deadlines specified by the UMONS Registration Office must be respected. Therefore, no further action will be taken regarding an application or a file that has not been submitted according to the pre-established conditions.