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Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis




Head of Unit:
Bertrand Blankert
University of Mons
Avenue Maistriaux, 15 
7000 Mons

The Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis (LPA) was created on 1st October 2006.

Its research section is currently its main concern and focuses on:

  • Bioelectrochemical study of molecules of pharmaceutical interest, development of biosensors and microbioreactors
  • Biomimetic predictive investigations of the metabolic pathways based on the online coupling of electrochemistry (EC) and mass spectrometry (MS).


Through these hybrid techniques, the LPA aims to partially contribute to tackle the enormous challenge constituted by the amount of new molecules created day-by-day from organic and in silico synthesis. In the context of pharmaceutical research, determining the metabolic and toxicological profiles of new drug candidates with simple and efficient techniques as early as possible is a difficult challenge to overcome in the 21st century. The newly upcoming combination of EC and MS offers an accurate identification of oxidation products. This pure instrumental concept is able to non-exhaustively mimic the CYP450 system, as well as for metabolites identifications than for glutathione adducts recognition. Providing useful information about oxidation products or adducts permits EC/MS or EC/LC/MS to present new tools to decision makers at an early phase of the development process.

Cell-based or enzymatic biosensors and bioreactors involving magnetic nanobeads (or not) are also among the innovative predictive methods considered by the LPA. The boom of screen-printed electrodes and the integration of magnetic bioreactors in a flow system represents opportunities in this theory. By continuing to focus on the online metabolites generation and identification, the LPA aspires to achieve a more accurate understanding of metabolic mechanisms closer to the in vivo situation. 

Both of the proposed concepts may be transferred to high-throughput screening desiderata.

The LPA would like to meet potential academic and/or industrial partners who share similar points of view or goals and who are ready to collaborate in order to collectively respond to a project on subsidising calls related to the abovementioned topics.