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Studying Engineering Sciences at the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Mons organizes studies in civil engineering. The duration of these studies is five years, of which the first three, lead to the Bachelor's degree in engineering, and the two year period of the second cyle to the master's degree.

The extent of studies is counted in ECTS credits, one year corresponding to 60 credits. The Bachelor's programme comprises 180 credits, and the master's 120 credits.  

Bachelor's degree - First cycle : 3 years - 180 credits

The first cycle consists of three years of general education, at the end of which the student obtains the Bachelor's degree in Engineering Sciences. Students can choose several specialization fields:

  • Bachelor in Architectural Engineering (3 years)
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (3 years). The third year also implies the choice of an elective, which corresponds to 30 credits for specific classes (electives in Chemistry and Materials Science, Electricity, Computer and Management Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Mining and Geology).


Master's degree - Second cycle : 2 years - 120 credits

The second cycle consists of two years of specialization at the end of which the student is awarded obtains the degree in Engineering. Orientations are :

  • Architecture
  • Chemistry - Materials science
  • Electricity
  • Computer and Management Sciences
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mining and Geology


Third cycle

Third cycle studies are organized within the framework of the Brussels Alliance for Research and Higher Education. These studies comprise :


At Charleroi (38-40, bd Joseph II)

We also organize, on the Charleroi Campus, the first year of the Bachelor's programme of Science in Engineering, specialization Engineer (day classes), as well as the Master's programme in Engineering Sciences, specialization in Computer and Management Sciences (part-time).

Further information:

  • at Mons

    9, rue de Houdain

    Tel.: +32 (0) 65/37.40.30 to 33

    Fax: +32 (0) 65/37.40.34


  • at Charleroi

    42, boulevard Joseph II

    Tel.: +32 (0) 71/32.17.90

    Fax: +32 (0) 71/70.06.69