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1st cycle: Bachelor's Degree

With a three-year programme(BA) the Faculty offers two types of training: a first cycle of general studies or a first cycle in architecture.

BA in general studies

This training leads to a Bachelor's degree in engineering and allows students to specialize in one of the 5 following fields during the second cycle: chemistry - materials science, electrical engineering, computer and management sciences, mechanical engineering, mining and geology.

BA in architecture

This is a more specific three-year programme which leads to a Bachelor's degree in architectural engineering and enables holders to continue their education in the same field during the second cycle, which lasts two years (MA).

The two types of training are similar, but students in architectural engineering receive from the very start a specific awareness of the art of building by incorporating aesthetic, constructive and human approaches. At the same time, they are initiated to the work methods of architects.

Switching tracks

Those who wish to change their specialization field after having passed their first year of studies must add “bridge curriculum” classes to their regular study programme of the second year...

“Made in Polytech” education specificities

At the Faculty of Engineering, Mons the application of the Bologna decree led to a thorough reform of the programmes. The main implications for the Bachelor's degree include : 

  • The acquisition of cross-disciplinary skills through hands-on projects, starting in the 2nd year.
  • The command of the English language, a true professional passport for engineers. English is taught throughout the three years of the Bachelor's programme. The successful conclusion of this training is marked by passing the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) at the end of the third year.
  • The availability of ellective courses (crédits d'ouverture) allowing students to learn management or language skills, or the accreditation of experiential learning.