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Faculté de Psychologie et des Sciences de l'Education



Titziana Pastorelli

Master’s degree in Psychology
"My reason for studying psychology was mainly so that I could work in field that is in easy reach of humans and in direct contact with people. Psychology is also a pluralist domain that opens many doors to numerous different career possibilities, for example, in work psychology, psychology of disabilities, psychology of human development, and clinical psychology, to name but a few. I am pleased with the education and training I received throughout my course of study and I strongly encourage others to follow this path that has been taken previously by many others."

Emerance Vienne

Master’s degree in Education

"With a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Lower Secondary Education, majoring in French and French as a foreign language, I decided to continue my education at the Faculty of Psychology and Education of the University of Mons. After my first three years of study, I was not yet ready to face the world of work. That's why I decided to enhance my knowledge in the field of educational sciences so I could easily integrate into my future professional career in education. 
This choice of training has taught me a lot, both personally and professionally. For example, my university education has allowed me to discover many aspects of teaching that I did not know before. It has also allowed me to develop a scientific approach which is essential for my role as a research assistant.”

Céline Tabart,
Aline Amaury,
Lambert Delphine,
Hélène Duquesne,
Hélène Vandromme, 
and Mathilde Rondeau

Master’s degree in Psychology
"Although we have different motivations and personal projects, we all agree on the value of education and the open-mindedness conveyed during our university studies. Due to its human and vocational qualities, UMONS and, more specifically, the Faculty of Psychology and Education have given us a rich and diverse course of training which has enabled us to acquire a theoretical, practical and reflective background as well as invaluable independence. The options “Clinical Psychology", "Orthopedagogy", "Family Psychology", "Forensic Psychology" and “Work Psychology" have fulfilled our expectations, our interests and our professional goals. Periods of doubts, failure and profound (self-)questioning seem to be a reason for any kind of training or development and must not undermine the motivation, the projects or the desire to help and be helpful. The friends I have made and the assistance received during my degree course have proven to be the driving force behind my success at the FPSE."

Aline Tartaglia, 43, from Charleroi

2nd year of Master’s degree in Education


"I am a pre-school teacher. I studied at an institution of higher education before coming to UMONS. I am currently in the 2nd year of the Master’s degree in Education at the FPSE. I would like to eventually teach at a teacher training college. I chose to study at UMONS because my parents studied here and also because it is close to home. The UMONS course timetables and job prospects are also contributing factors. What appeals to me most is the variety in the courses. I also like the fact that it’s possible to stagger courses given the workload. You can also meet other people from the University to discuss choices and any worries. he secretariat deals with the students for formalities and questions about courses. They are attentive to all students regarding any difficulties they encounter. It is all a wonderful and very rewarding experience."





Étienne Quairiaux,
37,  from Arquennes

1st year of Master’s degree in Psychology

“I started studying political science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). I quit this course after passing the first year. I am just about to finish my 1st year of the Master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Mons. I would like to be a clinical psychologist. At first, I was torn between UMONS and another university closer to my home, but then a friend told me about UMONS and the possibility to take evening and weekend classes. At the time I had a full-time job and so I opted for UMONS, since I was able to study for the Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Education, which would then grant me access to the Master's course, while continuing to work. Many teaching methods are employed, including the traditional type, i.e. in the classroom, as well as online learning platforms. Close students-teacher relationships can also easily be established. There is a real human dimension. Making new contacts is possible. Meaningful interactions may also occur easily. The institution does not overwhelm you, in terms of its volume and stature, which allows it to provide a serious, scientific and comprehensive approach to teaching. My advice to applicants is to take preparatory courses onsite, discover the all the different teaching sites of UMONS, and make use of the multimedia resources to gather testimonial evidence of current students and alumni. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can also find all sorts of information on the university’s electronic portals. These factors help students to not feel lost or confused. As a former UMONS student myself, who took evening and weekend classes on the Charleroi site, I would like to emphasise the opportunity that the University of Mons gives to those who really want to make an important, positive change in their life."