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3rd Cycle: PhD

The title of Doctor is awarded following the successful defence of a doctoral thesis.

Research for the preparation of a doctoral thesis correspond to at least 180 credits, which are obtained following successful completion of a Master’s degree (300 credits in total with a Bachelor’s). Of the 180 credits PhD, 60 credits must be acquired during on account of a doctoral training programme resulting in a research training certificate.

 A PhD assessment consists of:

  • writing an original thesis within the discipline as either a personal theory or a test demonstrating the value of a coherent set of publications and achievements of which the candidate is author or co-author;

  • the public presentation of this work highlighting its qualities, originality and popular science capabilities of the candidate.


Admission to studies and work regarding the preparation of a doctoral thesis is decided by the PhD Admissions Board (CAD). A Thesis Advisory Committee (CAC) is assigned to the PhD candidate upon admission. The thesis supervisor, the thesis advisory committee and the PhD candidate agree on a doctoral training programme, which is adapted to the PhD candidate’s profile and meets the needs of the research project. The thesis supervisor oversees the PhD candidate’s research for the preparation of a doctoral thesis. The Thesis Advisory Committee regularly monitors and assesses the PhD candidate’s progress in their research and makes justified recommendations regarding the re-registration of the PhD candidate for the following academic year.

Documents available for download

Registration/re-registration formalities and application forms for a PhD and/or Doctoral Training

UMONS Doctoral Regulations

UMONS Doctoral Regulations 2014-2015 - Annex 1

UMONS Doctoral Regulations 2014-2015 - Annex 2

Thesis Advisory Committee Report