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Master's Degree in Psychology

Course Overview

Successful completion of the Master’s degree in Psychology leads to the title of Psychologist.

The programme provides solid theoretical and practical training on human functioning, in order to practice psychology in various sectors such as those of health, labour, education, and justice, while adopting an ethical and scientific approach. Graduates of this course will also be able to work with individuals, groups and organisational structures for the purpose of promoting human development and well-being. Students also develop useful skills in order to carry out research in psychology and benefit from the bases necessary for a career in research.

The Master’s programme offers two focuses: the specialist focus and the research focus. The Specialist Focus, which prepares students for professional practice in different areas of psychology. The process of specialising, however, is based on research findings and contributes to the students’ development of skills based on a rigorous scientific approach. The Research Focus, which prepares students for a potential career in research in psychology and training researchers.

Programme Structure

The Master’s programme totals at least 120 credits divided into two annual 60-credit blocks. In block 1, the programme includes a core curriculum (15 credits) covering the two focuses (research and specialist focus), allowing the student to acquire psycho-diagnostic skills (transversal competence in different fields of psychology) as well as prepare for their thesis by taking a specific seminar.

The structure of the Master's programme in Psychology is designed in this way so that the student can specialise in a particular area or can consider different dimensions through their choice of optional modules.

Students can select optional modules from among the two focuses, in other words, sets of lessons that prepare students for professional practice in various major fields of psychology. Optional modules (30 credits) in Block 1:



Within the specialist focus, other optional specialist modules (15 credits) can be taken in block 2 to allow the student to continue their training in the field previously studied or to introduce them to another disciplinary field. Modules:


Within the Research focus, students must take a “research training” module (15 credits) alongside their thematic courses.

For both the research and specialist focuses, students must also complete two work placements of 400 hours (15 credits for each placement) and a Master thesis (30 credits).

In an effort to help students better organise their working time, the faculty organises all theoretical courses of Block 1 in the first term, providing students the opportunity to carry out their first work placement in the second term.

Click here for more information on the structure of our Master degree programmes in Psychology.


Skills and Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the Master’s degree in Psychology, students will be able to:

                      analyse a situation (individually or collectively) in reference to theories and methodological approaches within psychology; 

                      justifiably choose an intervention and implement and evaluate it; 

                      communicate and exchange information in a structured and adapted way to the intended purpose and relevant public; 

                      work effectively with different actors as part of a team or a network of professionals; 

                      act ethically and professionally; 

                      assess and pursue professional and personal development; 

                      master scientific research methods in psychology.


For more information, please consult the course profiles specific to each specialist focus of the study programme.

Master’s degree in Psychology: Specialist Focus
Master’s degree in Psychology: Research Focus


And after?

Students with a Master’s degree in Psychology can then go onto to study for the Certificate of Teaching for Upper Secondary Education (AESS) or a PhD/doctoral training (3rd cycle) in Psychology and Education. Based on an admissions application, students also have equal access to the Specialised Master’s Degree in Risk Management and Well-being at Work, the Specialised Master’s Degree in Higher Education Pedagogy, or the Specialised Master’s Degree in Language Sciences.



The Master's Degree in Psychology is a full-time course taught on the Mons campus during the day.


Study Programmes 2015-2016

The Study Programmes for 2015-2016 for the Master’s degree in Psychology are now available for consultation:

Master’s degree in Psychology: Specialist Focus
Master’s degree in Psychology: Research Focus