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Internal Assessment Committee

At the Faculty Board meeting of 14th June 2013, the board members decided to set up an Internal Assessment Committee at the FPSE as part of the framework of the next assessment of FPSE courses, as implemented by AEQES (Agence pour l'Evaluation de la Qualité de l'Enseignement Supérieur).

The committee is composed of the coordinator who chairs it, the Faculty authorities (Dean, Vice-Dean and Faculty Secretary) ex-officio, two representatives of academic staff (teachers), a representative of scientific staff (permanent or temporary), a PATO representative, and three student representatives. It also consists of the following permanent guests: the teaching assistant assigned to the Dean’s Office, and the Head of the Secretary of Studies.

The main missions of the Internal Assessment Committee are:

Coordinator Internal Assessment Committee Faculty Member Dean
  • Coordinating tasks and creating the self-assessment report
  • Welcoming the chairperson during pre-visits
  • Welcoming experts, and material organisation of audits
  • Drafting the right of reply
  • Coordinating follow-up plans
  • Carrying out surveys and the self-assessment report
  • Drafting follow-up plans
  • Developing the self-assessment report
  • Providing relevant educational support to experts
  • Meet the experts during their visit
  • Assister à la restitution
  • Developing the follow-up plans
  • Validating the self-assessment report at Faculty Board meetings
  • Attending audits
  • Reading the experts’ reports
  • Transmitting feedback internally and externally on the experts’ reports
  • Deciding on follow-up actions
  • Validating the follow-up plans at Faculty Board meetings
  • Verifying the implementation of the follow-up plans and impact measures
  • Deciding on plans for updates

 Documents available for download

Composition actuelle de la Commission d'évaluation interne.pdfComposition actuelle de la Commission d'évaluation interne
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  Site collaboratif de la Commission d'évaluation interne de la FPSE