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Coordination Group

On 14th June 2013, the Faculty Board decided to create within the FPSE a coordination group for its teaching and research units.

This group is an advisory body responsible for:

  • Ensuring coordination between the different units of the Faculty regarding any matters that involve all of the units;
  • Approaching the Faculty Board – by their own initiative or on request – with any matters they deem more appropriate for the members of the Faculty Board to decide on.

It is made up of a representative from each unit (usually the Head of Unit, or their deputy) and is chaired by the Dean.  

The Faculty’s teaching and research units are as follows:

  • Human Development and Data Processing Unit (Prof Marielle Bruyninckx);
  • Electrophysiology Unit (Prof Guy Cheron);
  • Methodology and Training Unit (Prof Marc Demeuse);
  • Language Sciences and Metrology Unit (Prof Bernard Harmegnies);
  • Clinical Orthopedagogy Unit (Prof Marie-Claire Haelewyck);
  • General Pedagogy and Educational Media Unit (Prof Bruno De Lièvre);
  • Child and Youth Clinical Psychology Unit (Prof Justine Gaugue);
  • Psychodynamic and Systemic Clinical Psychology Unit (Prof Stephan Hendrick);
  • Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology Unit (Prof Laurent Lefebvre);
  • Work Psychology Unit (Prof Agnès Van Daele);
  • Forensic Psychology Unit (Prof Thierry Pham);
  • Family Sciences Unit (Prof Willy Lahaye);
  • Educational Technology Unit (Prof Christian Depover).


This coordination group is allowed to welcome in anyone they feel will make a valuable contribution to their work and ideas.

The group meets once a month on average.

A report is drawn up following each meeting and is then sent to all members of the group.


 Links (restricted access)

  Site collaboratif du groupe de coordination des services