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Chemistry Department:

Chemistry is the science that makes it possible to understand the nature of matter and that brings about many useful applications for everyday life, industry and laboratories. Therefore, it greatly contributes to solving such current problems like environmental protection and sustainable development.

UMONS chemists are involved in many first-rank fundamental research projects regarding industrial applications. Recognised internationally, the work of UMONS researchers (approximately 100 people) relies on the most sophisticated techniques for studying, designing and characterising new molecules (contrast agents for medical imagery, biologically active molecules), for identifying pollutants, for creating and producing new, more powerful and more environment-friendly (biodegradable) polymers, and for modifying the surface of materials to obtain new properties. This work is undertaken in close collaboration with the Materia Nova research centre.

Studying chemistry at the University of Mons means students have a very dynamic and stimulating environment where human aspects are not overlooked. It involves using modern equipment and being coached by a team of highly motivated and qualified instructors and assistants. Finally, it leads to an internationally recognised degree that can open doors to many diversified jobs.

The curriculum for the Bachelor degree in Chemistry aims to provide students with a solid foundation in essential subjects such as general chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biochemistry. At the same time, the well-rounded education of our students also comprises general mathematics, physics and biology, as well as courses in English, sciences and society, introduction to computer science and programming applied to chemistry. The experimental aspect of chemistry is highlighted by many lab sessions and individual work that is carried out under the guidance of a team of motivated and qualified instructors and assistants.

The Master degree programme comprises two main subjects:

  • Chemistry and Materials Engineering and
  • Organic, Instrumental and Applied Chemistry.

In addition to a set of core subjects, students choose corresponding classes. The second year of the Master degree programme leans towards a professional focus with the possibility of a work placement in a company, a teaching focus that leads to a position in higher secondary education, and a research focus, which prepares students to carry out research and gives them the possibility to pursue a doctorate. In the second year, with any focus, students devote a large part of their work to preparing a Master thesis in collaboration with one of the research laboratories in the Chemistry Department.

At the end of the Master degree, a large number of students are able to start doctoral training while benefiting from grant opportunities. Many of them finish their studies with the highly prized degree of Doctor of Science.