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1st cycle: Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

General description of the programme

The Bachelor's programme includes 180 credits, spread out over three years.  This programme gives students solid basic education in the various fields of chemistry as well as important notions in mathematics, computer science, physics and biology that will be necessary for future studies or for their profession.

Profile of the programme

The first year is devoted to consolidating and delving further into subjects that students learned in secondary school, mainly in chemistry but also in mathematics, physics and biology. The 2nd and 3rd years of this programme are intended to give students a solid foundation in general chemistry, physical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry and biochemistry. Special emphasis is placed on the experimental aspect of chemistry through numerous practical works and individual projects that are guided by a team of motivated instructors and assistants.

In third year, individual projects provide the perfect opportunity for students to join various research labs for a two-week period.  This stay in a working research lab helps them choose the field to specialise in during their Master's programme. English is the unavoidable language of communication in science, so students have specific courses in this language and they also use English in activities that are connected to their individual projects. Basic training in computer science is ensured by two courses: 1) initiation to computer tools and 2) basics of computer programming.

Diagram with credits


Key learning outcomes

After completing this curriculum, students will be able to:

  • rigoursouly deal with any traditional subject in chemistry and the related sciences
  • set up an experimental procedure 
  • carry out usual syntheses of chemical components 
  • design and implement usual methods of analysis in chemistry.


Occupational profiles of graduates 

The Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry does not lead directly to employability. Most holders of this degree continue their studies up to the Master’s Degree in Chemistry.

Access to further studies

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, students can continue on to a Master's programme in the field of mathematics  at UMONS or at any university of their choice.

Mode of study

Full time

Programme director or equivalent

President of the Institute of Chemistry:  Roberto LAZZARONI