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Computer Science

Computer Science Department:

The Master degree in Computer Science is obtained after five years of studies. First, the three-year undergraduate programme – which results in a Bachelor degree – ensures that students have a solid education that prepares them for the last two years of studies: the Master programme.

During the undergraduate programme, all the developed theoretical concepts are enriched with numerous exercises and practical work.

The Master programme allows students to choose between the research focus, which prepares for scientific research and opens the door to doctoral studies, and the professional focus, which comprises specialised topics in the fields of software engineering, information and network systems and telecommunication.

In addition to core subjects and specialised classes, the Master course includes placements outside of the University, seminars on new technologies and applications, as well as an individual thesis to be presented before a studies committee.

The Master degree in Computer Science opens the doors to the trades of, for example, analyst, project manager, network manager, and database administrator, and in varied fields such as networks and telecommunications, E-trade, multi-media, banks and insurance, the administration and education, to mention just a few.

In collaboration with ULB, it is also possible to take evening classes at Charleroi to follow this Master degree course in Computer Science. It can be obtained in two years of studies. This programme is intended for adults who have already had training or who have previous experience in computer science that they wish to look further into or finish. The course is open to students who have completed a 3-year vocational degree in computer science, as well as to holders of a Master degree and to people who have sufficient experience or knowledge in computer science. Students may be admitted onto the Master degree course in Computer Science or they may have to complete the preparatory year after passing an admissions test.

The researchers in computer science at UMONS are involved in many theoretical and applied research projects: software engineering, databases and data warehouses, bioinformatics, networks and telecommunications, computer-assisted verification, theoretical computer science, and graph theory. They are involved in several national and international collaborations, and their work is recognised internationally.