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Master's Degree in Computer Science (Mons and Charleroi)

General description of the programme

The Master's Degree in Computer Science includes 120 credits spread out over two years.  It certifies solid specialised education in computer science.  With the professional focus, it opens doors to careers that are indispensable in all companies and all sectors.

Profile of the programme

The Master's Degree in Computer Science, professional focus, includes advanced courses in computer science and other specific disciplines that are demanded on the job market. It truly prepares students for their professional insertion.

The first year includes several in-depth courses that cover important issues in computer science and a consequential individual Master's project that will lead to the thesis in second year.
The course module "Advanced aspects of software systems" may be replaced by one of the modules offered at ULB: "Conception des systèmes", "Modélisation et algorithmique", "Informatique graphique".

The second year includes a 10-week internship in a business, an "entrepreneurship" module that will teach students to create their own business, courses and seminars on new technologies and applications, as well as a thesis that will be defended before a studies committee.

The Master's Degree in Computer Science also includes a research focus.  It differs from the professional focus in the content of the second year in that it is mainly geared towards research rather than business.

Diagram with Credits

Key learning outcomes

After completing this curriculum, students will be able to:

  • join any organisation, whether or not it is commercial or industrial, and bring to it their computer expertise, on an international as well as national level
  • hold positions as diverse as that of software architect, software analyst, team leader, project leader, systems manager, database or network manager, create their own business, ...
  • reason with the necessary rigour while applying their skills in the various disciplines of computer science
  • implement crossdisciplinary skills such as autonomy, rigour, analysis, individual or group work, innovation
  • use the methods and computer skills that were learned during the programme.


Occupational profiles of graduates

The Master's Degree in Computer Science opens doors to computer careers in all kinds of companies and almost all sectors of activity. Our graduates hold positions such as software architect, software analyst, project leader, systems administrator, database or network manager,...

The holders of a Master’s Degree in Computer Science can also be hired in fundamental or applied science programs if they continue their studies and complete a doctoral dissertation.

Access to further studies

The  Master’s Degree in Computer Science gives access to Advanced Master’s Degrees related to computer science and to doctoral studies.

Mode of study

Full time

Programme director or equivalent

President of the Institute of Computer Science:  Véronique BRUYÈRE.