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Master's Degree in Computer Science (night and weekend classes in Charleroi)

General description of the programme

This 60-credit Master's Degree in Computer Science provides a solid specialised education with "after-hours" classes.  It enables students to increase their job marketability, advance in their career or take a new professional direction.

Profile of the programme

The University of Mons, in collaboration with the Université Libre de Bruxelles, offers the 60-credit Master's Degree in Computer Science in the form of "after-hours" courses in Charleroi. This curriculum is especially appropriate for people who already have a certain training or experience in computer science.

The curriculum is structured into three types of activities: 1) theoretical training, 2) practical work designed to illustrate and anchor the theoretical concepts, seminars and courses with a view on society and 3) a thesis to defend before a studies committee.

A preparatory year may be required before pursuing this Master's Degree. 

Diagram with Credits

Key learning outcomes

After completing this curriculum, students will be able to:

  • join any organisation, whether or not it is commercial or industrial, and bring to it their computer expertise, on an international as well as national level
  • hold positions as diverse as that of software architect, software analyst, team leader, project leader, systems manager, database or network manager, create their own business, ...
  • reason with the necessary rigour while applying their skills in the various disciplines of computer science
  • implement crossdisciplinary skills such as autonomy, rigour, analysis, individual or group work, innovation
  • use the methods and computer skills that were learned during the programme.


Occupational profiles of graduates

The 60-credit Master's Degree in Computer Science opens doors to computer careers in all kinds of companies and almost all sectors of activity. Our graduates hold positions such as software architect, software analyst, project leader, systems administrator, database or network manager,...

Access to further studies

The  60-credit Master’s Degree in Computer Science that is offered "after hours" in Charleroi is mainly intended for working adults who are returning to higher education to obtain career advancement.  Therefore it does not give direct access to further university studies.

Mode of study

night and weekend classes

Programme director or equivalent

President of the Institute of Computer Science:  Véronique BRUYÈRE.