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Title. Multidisciplinary assessment of Belgian wild bees decline to adapt mitigation management.

Funding. BR/132/A1/BELBEES, BELSPO (Belgian Scientific Politics), 2014-2018.


UNamur (Prof. N. Dedoncker), UGent (Prof. G. Smagghe, Dr. I. Meeus), ULg (Dr. M. Dufrêne), RBINS (Dr. Jean-Luc Boevé) and UMONS (Prof. P. Rasmont).

Contact. Ella Zambra and Pierre Rasmont

Abstract.  The laboratory of Zoology of Mons is in charge of the BELBEES project coordination, the wild bee data collecting and digitization, and the integration of stakeholders and policy makers. We will also test hypothesis of bee decline such as food resource depletion, landscape change or climate change.