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Title. Conservation of pollinator diversity for enhanced climate change resilience.

Funding. Germany, International climate initiative.

Partners. ICARDA (

Contact. Denis Michez, Oumayma Ihsane, Ahlam Sentil, Insafe El Abdouni, Layla Hamroud.

Abstract. The project contributes especially to the Aichi-targets by addressing the CBD-Sao Paulo Declaration (1999) to combat the global decline of pollinator diversity. In seven countries it pursues this goal directly, by capacity development on four levels (level of farmers, of NARS, extension/development, policy) and political mainstreaming and develops a respective global stewardship. It introduces and mainstreams the TEEB-based, economically self-supporting Farming with Alternative Pollinators (FAP)-approach. FAP identifies the economic value of habitat enhancement in fields and orchards and uses the additional net incomes as incentives for farmers and policymakers to mainstream pollinator protection across sectors. The project develops the first pollinator inventory for North Africa and West Asia allowing national monitoring and development of the first Red List for bees. The project has various co-benefits for biodiversity protection, pest control and other ecosystem services, climate change adaptation and mitigation and sustainable economic development.