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Title. Status and Trends of European Pollinators.

Funding. 244090 – STEP – CP – FP, EU FP7 program, collaborative project supported by the European Commission.

Partners. 21 scientific partners from different European countries.

Contact. Pierre Rasmont.

Abstract. This project aim is to document the nature and extent of the pollinators decline, examine functional traits associated with particular risk, develop a Red List of important European pollinator groups, in particular bees and lay the groundwork for future pollinator monitoring programs. The laboratory of Zoology of Mons collaborates by sharing and gathering data on European wild bees (displayed on the Atlas Hymenoptera website lien vers and producing the checklist of European bees. These data are currently used to develop the European Red List of bumblebees. Alongside to this substantive work, the laboratory also collaborates in the assessment of pressures driving the changes in pollinators, focusing on long term climate change modeling.