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Title. Ecology and evolution of host-plant specialisation in wild bees.

Funding. FRFC 2.4613.10, FNRS (Belgian National Funds for Research), 2010-2014.

Partners. ULG (Prof. G. Lognay), ULB (Prof. P. Mardulyn) and UMons (Dr. D. Michez and Prof. P. Rasmont).

Contact. Denis Michez.

Abstract. Pollination of flowering plant (Angiosperm) by bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Anthophila) is among best examples of beneficial plant-insect interactions. However, despite their high economic and ecological impacts, the fundamental mechanisms explaining this interaction are still debated. The main goal of this project was to identify key factors driving host-plant specialization of bees. We focused on the following points: (i) origin of bees at geological level; (ii) evolution of host-plant choices in clades of specialist bees; (iii) chemical constraint in host-plant shifts. We considered bee-plant chemical communication, chemical composition of pollen, bee physiology and genetics to study explore these questions in different clade of bees.

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