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Surface and interface characterization…

… wettability, coating, drying, friction and wear, lubrication, adhesion and adhesives, optical properties…

Equipment and techniques

We are combining modern techniques to explore material properties at various length scales : from microns to angstroms.


 Nanometric scale (nm)  Mesoscopic scale (10~100 nm)  Macroscopic scale (µm)
 • Spectroscopic ellipsometry in the near-UV visible and mid-IR  • Interferometric microscopy  • Goniometry to measure static contact angles and hysteresis on flat surfaces an fibres
 • Spectroscopic ellipsometric imaging  • Friction and wear tests – tribology  • Goniometry to measure dynamic contact angles and hysteresis on flat surfaces and fibres
 • FTIR-spectroscopy  • Zetameter  • Static and dynamic contact angle apparatus for powders CCD and high-speed video cameras
 • Fluorescent microscopy  • Plasma cleaner  • Microscopy
 • Optical profilometry  • Ultrasonic bath   • Viscosimetry
 • Langmuir-Blodgett trough  • Dip coater  • Plasma cleaners
 • Computer simulations  • Spin coater  • Gravimetric balances
 • Atomic force microscope  • Polishing  • Dynamic Wetting Apparatus
 • Confocal microscope  • Photolithography  • Bubble pressure drop
   • Computer simulation  • Tensiometers


We have successfully applied our specialized expertise and equipment in many technological fields such as glasses, metals, detergency, textile wettability, paper characterization, and powder characterization.