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Institut des sciences et du management des riques



Publications de l'Institut des Sciences et du Management des Risques (Risques)
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  • Cultrera Loredana, Croquet Mélanie, Gahungu Dieudonné, Mbonabuca David, Niyuhire Prisca, "Capital concentration and financial performance of listed firms in the East African Community: An Exploratory Study" in International Journal of Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Management & Economics, 2, 2, 1-19, Article/Compte-rendu (2021)

Article/Dans un journal avec peer-review

  • Zhang Jiazhen, Cenci Jeremy, Becue Vincent, "A Preliminary Study on Industrial Landscape Planning and Spatial Layout in Belgium" in Heritage, 4, 3, 1375–1387,, Article/Dans un journal avec peer-review (2021)
  • Poulain Angélique, Pujades Estanislao, Goderniaux Pascal, "Hydrodynamical and Hydrochemical Assessment of Pumped-Storage Hydropower (PSH) Using an Open Pit: The Case of Obourg Chalk Quarry in Belgium" in Applied Sciences (2021)
  • Delaunois Élise, Verbeek Marie, Dupont Nicolas, Kaufmann Olivier, "Nouvelles recherches préventives sur la villa d’Anthée (Onhaye, Nr)" in Signa, 10, 71-76 (2021)
  • Qu Shuai, Yang Jianjin, Zhu Shengyang, Zhai Wanming, Kouroussis Georges, Zhang Qinglai, "Experimental study on ground vibration induced by double-line subway trains and road traffic" in Transportation Geotechnics, 29, 100564, DOI: 10.1016/j.trgeo.2021.100564 (2021)
  • Nikolenko Olha, Brouyere Serge, Goderniaux Pascal, Robert Tanguy, Orban Philippe, Borges Alberto V., Jurado Anna, Duvivier Maxime, Morana Cedric, "Dynamics of nitrous oxide with depth in groundwater: Insights from ambient groundwater and laboratory incubation experiments (Hesbaye chalk aquifer, Belgium)" in Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, (2021)
  • Balzan Alzate Daniel, Lopez Sanchez Jacqueline, Blessent Daniela, Raymond Jasmin, Dezayes Chrystel, Portela J.P., Ramirez Restrepo E., Moreno Rendon D., Malo Michel, Goderniaux Pascal, Daniele Linda, Le Borgne Tanguy, "An online survey to explore the awareness and acceptance of geothermal energy among an educated segment of the population in five European and American countries" in Geothermal Energy, 9, 9, 1:21, (2021)
  • Qu Liming, Ding Xuanming, Kouroussis Georges, Zheng Changjie, "Dynamic interaction of soil and end-bearing piles in sloping ground: Numerical simulation and analytical solution" in Computers and Geotechnics, 134, 103917, DOI: 10.1016/j.compgeo.2020.103917 (2021)
  • Pujades Estanislao, Poulain Angélique, Orban Philippe, Goderniaux Pascal, Dassargues Alain, "The Impact of Hydrogeological Features on the Performance of Underground Pumped-Storage Hydropower (UPSH)" in Applied Sciences, 11, 1760 (2021)
  • Ben Fekih Lassaad, Verlinden Olivier, Kouroussis Georges, "Derivation of a fatigue damage law for an adhesive from in-situ bending tests" in Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 245, 107587 (2021)
  • Kouroussis Georges, Zhu Shengyang, Vogiatzis Konstantinos, "Noise and vibration from transportation" in Journal of Zhejiang University. Science A, 22, 1, 1-5 (2021)
  • Zhang Jiazhen, Cenci Jeremy, Becue Vincent, Koutra Sesil, "The Overview of the Conservation and Renewal of the Industrial Belgian Heritage as a Vector for Cultural Regeneration" in Information, 12, 27, https:// (2021)
  • Ben Fekih Lassaad, Verlinden Olivier, Kouroussis Georges, "Mechanical characterization of E-glass laminates under large bending" in Composite Structures, 255, 112892 (2021)

Colloque/Article dans les actes avec comité de lecture

  • Cultrera Loredana, Vermeylen Guillaume, "An Evaluation of Selection Techniques for Bankruptcy Prediction Models: Analysis of the Position in the Global Value Chain" in "MIRDEC - GLOBECOS 4th International Academic Conference Contemporary Issues and Social Science Studies" , 978-605-74781-1-5, 12, Rome, Italie, 2021 (2021)

Colloque/Présentation - communication orale

  • Equeter Lucas, Ducobu François, Dehombreux Pierre, "A time-dependent Proportional Hazard model for cutting tools Remaining Useful Life estimate under varying cutting parameters" in "11th IMA International Conference on Modelling in Industrial Maintenance and Reliability (MIMAR)" , Nottingham, Royaume-Uni, 2021 (2021)
  • Becue Vincent, "Stratégie énergétique territorialisée, coeur du Hainaut 2050" in "Masterplan Energie, pour une approche spatiale de l'énergie" , Mons, Belgique, 2021 (2021)
  • Cenci Jeremy, De Smet Isabelle, "Potentialités de résilience du patrimoine industriel belge. Le cas des installations charbonnières du groupe Coppée à Peronnes-lez-Binche" in "Forum International Al Mi'mar 6" , Marrakech, Maroc, 2021 (2021)
  • Becue Vincent, "L'urbanisme résilient pour la transition écologique" in "Journée scientifique du pôle Hainuyer 6, La transition écologique, dimension sociétale et technologique au service de la population" , Mons, Belgique, 2021 (2021)

Vulgarisation/Autres media

  • Dupont Nicolas, "Le PASS et le charbonnage de Crachet-Picquery à Frameries" , TéléMB \ La Mémoire des Rues, Frameries (2021)


Article/Dans un journal avec peer-review

  • Debailleux Laurent, "SCHMIDT HAMMER EXPOSURE DATING FOR BRICK MASONRY" in Geochronometria: Journal on Methods and Applications of Absolute Chronology (2020)
  • Cultrera Loredana, Giuliano Romina, Vermeylen Guillaume, "Capital humain, pratiques de diversité et performance économique : le risque de faillite des entreprises interagit-il ?" in Finance Contrôle Stratégie, 23, 4 (2020)
  • Equeter Lucas, Ducobu François, Dehombreux Pierre, "Cutting Tools Replacement: Toward a Holistic Framework" in IFAC-PapersOnLine, 53, 3, 227-232 (2020)
  • Kazmierczak Elise, Jaillet S., Vandycke Sara, Verheyden Sophie, "Modélisation 3D par imagerie LIDAR et analyse structurale de la Salle du Dôme des Grottes de Han-sur-Lesse (Belgique, Ardenne)." in Géomorphologie: Relief, Processus, Environnement (2020)
  • Delforge Damien, Watlet Arnaud, Kaufmann Olivier, Van Camp Michel, Vanclooster Marnik, "Time-series clustering approaches for subsurface zonation and hydrofacies detection using a real time-lapse electrical resistivity dataset" in Journal of Applied Geophysics, 184, (2020)
  • Gombert Philippe, Poulain Angélique, Goderniaux Pascal, Orban Philippe, Pujades Estanislao, Dassargues Alain, "Potentiel de valorisation de sites miniers et carriers en step en France et en Belgique" in La Houille Blanche (2020)
  • Hoffmann Richard, Goderniaux Pascal, Jamin Pierre, Elliot Chatton, de la Bernardie Jerome, Labasque Thierry, Le Borgne Tanguy, Dassargues Alain, "Continuous Dissolved Gas Tracing of Fracture-Matrix Exchanges" in Geophysical Research Letters (2020)
  • Brohez Sylvain, Cabras Francesco, "Development and validation of a one-zone model for fire-induced pressure prediction in airtight houses" in Chemical Engineering Transactions, 82, 223-228, 10.3303/CET2082038 (2020)
  • Zhang Jiazhen, Cenci Jeremy, Becue Vincent, Koutra Sesil, Ioakimidis Christos S, "Recent Evolution of Research on Industrial Heritage in Western Europe and China Based on Bibliometric Analysis" in Sustainability (2020)
  • Li Junyi, Beji Tarek, Brohez Sylvain, Merci Bart, "CFD study of fire-induced pressure variation in a mechanically-ventilated air-tight compartment" in Fire Safety Journal, 115, 1-11, 103012 (2020)
  • Feng Zhenan, Gonzales Vicente, Much Carol, Amor Robert, Rahouti Anass, Baghouz Anouar, Li Nan, Cabrera Guillermo, "Towards a Customizable Immersive Virtual Reality Serious Game for Earthquake Emergency Training" in Advanced Engineering Informatics, 46, (2020)