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Publications les plus récentes (2000 - 2014)

  • Improved preparation and preservation of hippocampal mouse slices for a very stable and reproducible recording of long term potentiation.
    Villers Agnès, Ris Laurence.
    Journal of Visualized Experiments, 76 (2013) e50483, Doi 10.3791/50483 jove-protocol-2013.pdf
  • Neurological characterization of mice deficient in GSK3α highlight pleiotropic physiological functions in cognition and pathological activity as Tau kinase.
    Maurin H., Lechat B., Dewachter Ilse, Ris Laurence, Louis J.V., Borghgraef P., Devijver H., Jaworski T., Van Leuven Fred.
    Molecular Brain, 6 (2013) 27-50, doi: 10.1186/1756-6606-6-27. Mol Brain 2013.pdf
  • Amyloid precursor protein regulates neuronal cholesterol turnover needed for synaptic activity.
    Pierrot Nathalie, Tyteca Donatienne, d'Auria Ludovic, Dewachter Ilse, Gailly Philippe, Ris Laurence, El Haylani Laetitia, Tasiaux Bernadette, Muls Nathalie, N'Kulli Francisca, Courtoy PJ, Kienlen-Campard Pascal, Octave Jean-Noel.
    Journal of the Alzheimer's Association, 8 (2012) 648-649. 
  • Long-Lasting LTP Requires Neither Repeated Trains for Its Induction Nor Protein Synthesis for Its Development.
    Villers, A., Godaux, E. and Ris, L.
    PLoSONE 7(7) (2012) e40823. pdf
  • Mechanism for long-term memory formation when synaptic strengthening is impaired.
    Radwanska, K., Medvedev, N.I., Pereira, G.S., Engmann, O., Thiede, N., Moraes, M., Villers, A., Irvine, E., Maunganidze, N., Pyza, E., Ris, L., Szymanska, M., Lipinski, M., Kaczmarek, L., Stewart, M., and Giese, K.P.
    PNAS 108(45) (2011) 18471-18475. pdf
  • Properties of Contextual Memory Formed in the Absence of aCaMKII Autophosphorylation.
    Irvine, E., Danhiez, A., Radwanska, K., Nassim, C., Lucchesi, W., Godaux, E.,
    Ris, L., Giese, K.P.
    Molecular Brain 4:8 (2011) 1-10. pdf
  • Late phase of L-LTP elicited in isolated CA1 dendrites cannot be transferred by synaptic capture.
    Villers, A., Godaux, E. and Ris, L.
    NeuroReport 21 (2010) 210-215. pdf
  • Deregulation of NMDA-receptor function and down-stream signaling in APP[V717I] transgenic mice.
    Dewachter, I., Filipkowski, R.K., Priller, C., Ris, L., Neyton, J., Croes, S., Terwel, D., Gysemans, M., Devijver, H., Borghgraef, P., Godaux, E., Kaczmarek, L., Herms, J. and Van Leuven, F.
    Neurobiology of Aging 30(2) (2009) 241-256. pdf
  • GSK3ss, a centre-staged kinase in neuropsychiatric disorders, modulates long term memory by inhibitory phosphorylation at Serine-9.
    Dewachter, I., Ris, L., Jaworski, T., Seymour, C.M., Kremer, A., Borghraef, P., De Vijver, H., Godaux, E. and Van Leuven, F.
    Neurobiology of Disease 35(2) (2009) 193-200. pdf
  • Synaptic capture-mediated L-LTP is strongly dependent on mRNA translation.
    Ris, L., Villers, A. and Godaux, E.
    NeuroReport 20 (2009) 1572-1576. pdf
  • Modulation of synaptic plasticity and Tau phosphorylation by wild-type and mutant presenilin1.
    Dewachter, I., Ris, L., Croes, S., Borghgraef, P., Devijver, H., Voets, T., Nilius, B., Godaux, E. and Van Leuven, F.
    Neurobiology of Aging 29(5) (2008) 639-652. pdf
  • Involvement of hyperpolarization-activated cation channels in synaptic modulation.
    Genlain, M., Godaux, E. and Ris, L.
    Neuroreport 18(12) (2007) 1231-1235. pdf
  • Metaplastic effect of apamin on LTP and paired-pulse facilitation.
    Ris, L., Capron, B., Sclavons, C., Liegeois, J.F., Seutin, V. and Godaux, E.
    Learning & Memory 14(6) (2007) 390-399. pdf
  • Synapse specificity of long-term potentiation breaks down with aging.
    Ris, L. and Godaux, E.
    Learning & Memory 14(3) (2007) 185-189. pdf
  • Tyrosine phosphorylation of rabphilin during long-lasting long-term potentiation.
    Capron, B., Wattiez, R., Sindic, C., Godaux, E. and Ris, L.
    Neuroscience Letters 414(3) (2007) 257-262. pdf
  • Calcium/calmodulin kinase kinase beta has a male-specific role in memory formation.
    Mizuno, K., Antunes-Martins, A., Ris, L., Peters, M., Godaux, E. and Giese, K.P.
    Neuroscience 145(2) (2007) 393-402. pdf
  • A unique episode of REM sleep behavior disorder triggered during surgery for Parkinson's disease.
    Piette, T., Mescola, P., Uytdenhoef, P., Henriet, M., Vanderkelen, B., Jacquy, J., Seeldrayers, P. and Godaux, E.
    Journal of the Neurological Sciences 253(1-2) (2007) 73-76. pdf
  • Ca2+/calmodulin kinase kinase alpha is dispensable for brain development but is required for distinct memories in male, though not in female, mice.
    Mizuno, K., Ris, L., Sanchez-Capelo, A., Godaux, E. and Giese, K.P.
    Molecular and Cellular Biology 26(23) (2006) 9094-9104. pdf
  • The characteristics of LTP induced in hippocampal slices are dependent on slice-recovery conditions.
    Capron, B., Sindic, C., Godaux, E. and Ris, L.
    Learning & Memory 13(3) (2006) 271-277. pdf
  • Sexual dimorphisms in the effect of low-level p25 expression on synaptic plasticity and memory.
    Ris, L., Angelo, M., Plattner, F., Capron, B., Errington, M.L., Bliss, T.V., Godaux, E. and Giese K.P.
    European Journal of Neuroscience 21(11) (2005) 3023-3033. pdf
  • Is there a role of the cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activator p25 in Alzheimer's disease?
    Giese, K.P., Ris, L. and Plattner, F.
    Neuroreport 16 (2005) 1725-1730.
  • A disintegrin-metalloproteinase prevents amyloid plaque formation and hippocampal detects in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model.
    Postina, R., Schroeder, A., Dewachter, I., Bohl, J., Schmitt, U., Kojro, E., Prinzen, C., Endres, K., Hiemke, C., Blessing, M., Flamez, P., Dequenne, A., Godaux, E., Van Leuven, F. and Fahrenholz, F.
    The Journal of Clinical Investigation 113 (2004) 1456-1464. pdf
  • Loss of Ca2+/Calmodulin Kinase Kinase beta affects the formation of some, but not all, types of hippocampus-dependent long-term memory.
    Peters, M., Mizuno, K., Ris, L., Angelo, M., Godaux, E. and Giese, P.
    The Journal of Neurosciences 23 (2003) 9752-9760.
  • Capacitive calcium entry induces hippocampal long-term potentiation in the absence of Presenilin 1.
    Ris, L., Dewachter, I., Reversé, D., Godaux, E. and Van Leuven, F.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (2003) 44393-44399.
  • Labyrinthectomy changes T-type calcium channels in vestibular neurones of the guinea pig.
    Ris, L., Capron, B. Nonclercq, D., Alexandre, H., Sindic, C., Toubeau, G. and Godaux, E.
    NeuroReport 14 (2003) 1585-1589.
  • Long-Term Plasticity of Ipsilesional Medial Vestibular Nucleus Neurons After Unilateral Labyrinthectomy.
    Beraneck, M., Hachemaoui, M., Idoux, E., Ris, L., Uno, A., Godaux, E., Vidal, P.P., Moore, L.E. and Vibert, N.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 90(1) (2003) 184-203.
  • Properties of medial vestibular nucleus neurons of the rat in microexplant culture.
    Genlain, M., Nonclercq, D., Laurent, G., Toubeau, G., Godaux, E. and Ris, L.
    Neuroscience Letters 338(1) (2003) 45-48.
  • Neuronal deficiency of Presenilin 1 inhibits amyloid plaque formation and corrects hippocampal LTP but not a cognitive defect of APP[V717l] transgenic mice.
    Dewachter, I., Reversé, D., Caluwaerts, N., Ris, L., Kuipéri, C., Van den Haute, C., Spittaels, K., Umans, L., Serneels, L., Thiry, E., Moechars, D., Mercken, M., Godaux, E. and Van Leuven, F.
    Journal of Neuroscience 22(9) (2002) 3445-3453.
  • Effect of labyrinthectomy on the spike generator of vestibular neurons in the guinea pig.
    Ris, L., Hachemaoui, M., and Godaux, E.
    NeuroReport 13(15) (2002) 1875-1879.
  • Voltage-gated calcium channels contribute to the pattern of the resting discharge in guinea pig medial vestibular nucleus neurones.
    Ris, L. and Godaux, E.
    Neuroscience Letters 297 (2001) 142-144.
  • Modification of the pacemaker activity of vestibular neurones in brain stem slices during vestibular compensation in the guinea pig.
    Ris, L., Capron, B., Vibert, N., Vidal, P.P. and Godaux, E.
    European Journal of Neuroscience 13 (2001) 2234-2240.
  • Mutant presenilins disturb neuronal calcium homeostasis in the brain of transgenic mice, decreasing the threshold for excitotoxicity and facilitating long-term potentiation.
    Schneider, I., Reversé, D., Dewachter, I., Ris, L., Caluwaerts, N., Kuiperi, C., Gilis, M., Moechars, D., Kretzschmar, H., Godaux, E., Van Leuven, F. and Herms, J.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (2001) 11539-11544.
  • Resonance of spike discharge modulation by neurons of the guinea pig medial vestibular nucleus.
    Ris, L., Hachemaoui, M., Vibert, N., Godaux, E., Vidal, P.P. and Moore, L.E.
    Journal of Neurophysiology 86 (2001) 703-716.