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Liste de liens utiles pour les recherches bibliographiques




PubMed est un service de la U.S. National Library of Medicine qui comprend plus de 16 millions de citations provenant de MEDLINE et d'autres revues d'articles biomedicaux depuis 1950 




Knowledge-based search helps you to find the answers to your question faster. By using a domain ontology as structured background knowledge the search results are sorted into meaningful categories. You can use these categories to narrow your set of found articles to the relevant ones. In many cases the categories will already represent the answer to your question




Bases de données ISI Web of Knowledge (Current Contents, Web of Science, Journal Citation Reports,...)





Google Scholar permet d'effectuer facilement une recherche étendue portant sur des travaux universitaires: articles revus par des comités de lecture, thèses, livres, résumés analytiques et articles





Scirus is the most comprehensive science specific search engine on the Internet





BioMed Central is an independent online publishing house committed to providing immediate free access to the peer-reviewed biological and medical research it publishes





Science Direct - Publications Elsevier





Springer Link - Publications Springer





American Chemical Society Publications





US Patent





Brevets français


 EMRF - Book of Abstracts

 Evénement 2010


The European Conference on Contrast Agent Science
12th Bi-Annual Conference on Contrast Agents and Multimodal Molecular Imaging

Mons, Belgium • 19-21 May 2010

This year’s meeting was meant to bring in a fresh scientific breeze from young scientists
all over – new ideas and new approaches. The new format of the bi-annual conference
on "Contrast-Enhanced Biomedical Imaging" proved a real success.

 EMRF website                                         Book of Abstracts