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Identification and establishment of a model of actual teaching practices of future teachers


Marie Bocquillon


Initial teacher training – observation – ethology – actual teaching practices – effective teaching practices – planning – feedback


The aim of this study is to identify and to establish a model of actual teaching practices of a sample of future teachers (future upper secondary teachers). In order to do this, an ethological observation tool (an analytical grid of teacher’s behaviours inserted in a technological system) will be created. We will develop basic knowledge on teaching practices and their organizing principles through observations and different analyses: study of variability between future teachers (inter-variability) and variability within an individual future teacher (intra-variability); study of differences between lessons preparations and teaching practices (gaps between planning and its actual implementation); study of the differences between actual teaching practices of future teachers and teaching practices identified as effective in the literature. In a second phase, this observation tool, created for the purpose of a fundamental research, will be proposed to teacher trainers so that they can observe the performances of future teachers and provide them with quick and relevant feedbacks based on objective information.

This research is a continuation of the thesis prepared by Arnaud Dehon  about observation of professional gestures. It is also related to the thesis presented by Antoine Derobertmasure  about postactive phase of education (video feedback) to establish links between practices declared by future teachers (what future teachers say they’re doing) and actual teaching practices (what future teachers actually do).


Educational researchers – teacher trainers – future teachers

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