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Laurent Lefebvre

• Full Professor
• PhD in Psychology, Post-Graduate in Language Science
• Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
• Vice-President of the Research Institute for Health Sciences and Technology

Research interests

• Language and Communication in Neurodegenerative Pathologies
• Links between Executive Functioning and Language
• Cognition and Aging

Dissertations (PhD projects)

• Sandrine Basaglia-Pappas (Ongoing) : Primary progressive aphasia : a study of the interrelation between language and executive functions
• Kendra Kendana Arachchige (Ongoing) : Impact of iconic gestures on verbal comprehension in Alzheimer’s disease and link to inhibition and working memory difficulties : electrophysiological data and attempt of modelization. UMons doctoral award.
• Mélanie Labalestra (Ongoing) : Formal thought disorders and semantic memory : model of vulnerabilité to bipolar disorders. UMons doctoral award in collaboration with Prof. Chrystel Besche-Richard, University of Reims.
• Aurélia Rendon de la Cruz (Ongoing) : Reading and Alzheimer’s disease.
• Sara Sahraoui (Ongoing) : Study of the levels of processing in Language production in bilingual patients with Alzheimer's disease from early to medium stage and the cognitive therapy PSLAB
• Audrey Vicenzutto (Ongoing) : Forensic Patients with an Intellectual Disability: analysis of the psychopathological, risk and neuropsychological profile. in collaboration with Prof. Thierry Pham Hoang, University of Mons
• Thibaut Bellon (Done) : Understanding schizophrenia by the language and the body representation. in collaboration with Francis Lowenthal, University of Mons. 2013.
• Julie Trappeniers (Done) : Towards a developmental model  of the naming capacity ? in collaboration with Francis Lowenthal, University of Mons. 2015.
• Romina Rinaldi (Done) :  Goal-directed actions and contextual analysis in schizophrenia : towards an integrative view of their deficits. 2015.
• Isabelle Simoes Loureiro (Done) : A comparative approach between the development of the infants’ lexicosemantic network and its loss in Alzheimer’s disease. 2017

• Cognitive Psychology
• Neuropsychology
• Specific Learning Disorders
• Clinical Neuropsychology
• Neuropsychology of Aging
• Neuropsycholinguistics of Dementia
• Psychodiagnostic
• Scientific Training