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About us…

Who we are

The Laboratory for Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces (LPSI) is a multidisciplinary team within the University of Mons and is located in the building of the “Pôle d’Excellence Materia Nova”.

What we do

We specialize in the study of interfaces and solid surfaces.  Functional characteristics of materials are to a large degree determined by the properties of their surfaces and the interactions of these surfaces with surrounding media.  As a result, the performance of a material in terms of its function in coating, wetting, adsorption, friction and wear, optics, etc. can be manipulated by introducing surface layers of molecular thickness.

The challenge-surfaces on demand

Our aim is to understand how the interfacial characteristics of materials affect their function and performance, statically and dynamically, and hence determine their technological and economic value.  Armed with a growing arsenal of surface chemical and structural facts, obtained from experiments, theory, and computer modelling, all techniques available within the LPSI, we are able to explore myriad ways of controlling the complex behaviour and properties of real materials, to design and create surfaces on demand.


The centre is focussed along three complementary axes :
      • Surface treatments - in particular for biotechnology and nanotechnology
      • Characterization of solid and liquid interfaces
      • Molecular modelling

Within such axes, or combining them, we have been involved in many practical problems with private companies. Among them, let us quote :

   • Enhancement of oil recovery
   • Reduction of wear
   • Dispersion of pesticides
   • Coating optimisation
   • Enhancement of mineral flotation
   • Smart textiles
   • Characterization of powders
   • Enhancement of lubrication
   • Enhancement of detergent quality
   • Optimisation of soldering
   • Characterization of inks and papers
   • Anti-sticking surfaces
   • Anti-icing surfaces
   • Biomaterials
   • Biotechnologies
   • Anticounterfaiting technics
   • Fibre treatments
   • Corrosion
   • Heat transfer
   • Condensation

And many others ...