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Research Institute for Complex Systems


Complex systems, such as the brain, the economic market and ecological ecosystems, consist of many locally interacting entities. The striking feature of these systems is the impossibility to predict their overall behaviour by studying their individual parts. In fact, all of these entities are linked, with global properties emerging from these local interactions.

The study of complex systems developed significantly during the 19th and 20th centuries, thanks to many discoveries in biology, chemistry and physics. The diversity of complex systems requires interdisciplinary research, motivating the creation of the Complexys Institute..

Advances in nonlinear physics, the development of new mathematical tools and the rapid rise of computer science since World War II have provided the necessary resources to study these phenomena. These techniques are now part of the common "toolbox" for analysing, modelling and simulating complex systems in pure science, engineering sciences, life sciences and human and social sciences.  



Pr.Thomas Brihaye
Tel: +32 (0) 65/37.34.17
E-mail :

Some figures
on the Institute

5 Faculties

More than15 departments

More than100 researchers including:

  • 5 permanent researchers from the Belgian National Fund for Research (FRS-FNRS) - (3 research directors and 2 Research associates
  • more than50 doctoral students13 funded by FRSFNRS grants
  • and 10 funded by FRIA grants (Belgian Fund for Training by Research in Industry and Agriculture)

Multiple Joint Research Action (ARC) and FRFC projects (Belgian Fund for Collective Fundamental Research