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Expertise and research topics developed by the Institute

Over the years, COMPLEXYS has acquired and developed expertise in the modelling and simulation of complex systems. This ranges from the experimental study of biological, physical, computer, economic, architectural and social systems to the development of new mathematical models and software dedicated to the study of these systems.

The Institute’s computer science researchers and mathematicians specialise in the modelling of information and communication systems (software, databases, networks, etc.) and in the development of tools and techniques for numerical analysis, dynamic systems, probability and statistics, game theory, operational research, automata theory and mathematical logic.

Biologists, chemists and physicists of the COMPLEXYS Institute focus their research on ecosystem stability, the interaction and manipulation of light with complex materials (photonics and plasmonics), the multi-scale modelling of structures and optoelectronic properties of materials, the behaviour of liquids at interfaces, the creation of novel architectures from thin structures (filaments, plates and shells), the modelling of fundamental interactions at atomic and subatomic scales, the mechanics of the mechanics of the cytoskeleton of a cell and the creation of organs by living organisms..