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University Halls of Residence

Requests for places in the University Halls of Residence for the 2015-2016 academic year can be made from the 11th February 2015. For students who register for the for the first time at UMONS this request can be done by sending an e-mail to:

For students who are already registered at UMONS, housing requests can be made from the 1st June 2015.

You can contact the housing service by sending an e-mail to or by calling 065/37.37.21 or 065/37.37.03.

UMONS offers accommodation in one of 7 halls of residence which are ideally situated throughout the city and close to the university's teaching sites. There are a total of 571 places  for students to live for the 2015-2016 academic year, as the Triperie halls is unavailable due to ongoing construction works.

For any students with financial, health, family or any other problems the university's social services are there to help. You can arrange a meeting with the service by phoning 065/37 30 93 or by sending an e-mail to, No problem is too difficult to over come and the service is here to help you in any way possible.

Students registering at UMONS for the first time are given priority for the accommodation places. This priority is also given on a first come first served basis up to the 1st June. Two students can also request to share one of the double rooms, and in this case they will be given first choice of placement.

Students who were already enrolled at UMONS the previous academic year accommodation may be requested providing adequate places remain and that the student has no outstanding fees to pay to the Univeristy.

The residences :


La Cité du Manège

Place Heupgen (Rue des 3 boudins, next to Manège) 7000 Mons

This new residence, constructed in October 2014, is situated in a small, newly developed pedestrian zone just next to the Manège. It has 11 places, all of which are in studios which can house 1 or 2 students, and each studio has its own kitchenette, shower and private toilet facilities. This residence is 10 minutes walk from the Place du Parc, between the Grand-Place and the Plaine de Nimy Campus and near to a Delhaize supermarket.

Les Cités "Kots UMONS" 1 and 2

Rue de la Grande Triperie 11, 7000 Mons

This residence, situated in the heart of the town, has 101 student places either in single bedrooms (bathroom and kitchen facilities shared between 10 bedrooms) and double bedrooms, most of which have their own kitchenettes and bathroom. This halls has communal spaces on the ground floor, including a sports hall and a laundry, and there is a garden at the back of the building.

Virtual visit Kots UMONS 1
Photos Kots UMONS 2

La Cité Jacques Franeau

Rue du Parc, 26-28-30-32, 7000 Mons
Ruelle du Cerf Blanc, 1-3,  7000 Mons

This housing area, located near the Warocqué School, is composed of 6 buildings which have single rooms, double rooms and double occupancy duplexes. There is a communal kitchen and study room in each of the buildings. In total there are 70 bedrooms, the vast majority of which have private bathroom facilities. 

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La Cité de la Grande Triperie

Closed for construction works.

Rue de la Grande Triperie 30-34, 7000 Mons

The Grande Triperie residence has around one hundred accomodation units (single and double rooms). 

La Cité Pierre Houzeau de Lehaie

Boulevard Dolez 69, 7000 Mons

This residence offers 288 single bedrooms with individual bathrooms and shared kitchen facilities. The building also has a laundry room and a common room. This is also the site for the Houzeau canteen and one of the student bars.

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La Cité du Parc

Place du Parc 32, 7000 Mons

This residence has 42 living spaces (single rooms, double rooms, chambres doubles, studios for 3 or 4 people, and 2 person apartments). This residence centrally located at the Place du Parc, near the Grand-Place, and has a garden.






La Cité d’Egmont

Place Warocqué 16,  7000 Mons

This building is on the Warocqué crossroad. It has 14 individual bedrooms, and has communal bathroom, toilet and kitchen facilities.

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Each residence has an internet connection. Residence Pierre Houzeau de Lehaie and KotsUMONS also have their own laundry facilities. Furthermore the KotsUMONS, Franeau and Houzeau residences all have sports halls.

For any students that have not managed to be housed in one of the university residences there is another alternative, referred to as an intergenerational accommodation project: 1 toit 2 âges (1 roof, 2 generations):

In Mons, many private landlords also offer student accommodation.  You can find the list at the Social Services office. The Infor Jeunes site also enables you to search for accommodation online.

 Another userful links: - all student flats in