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Department of Automatic Control



Prof Dr Ir Alain Vande Wouwer, Head of Department
UMONS Faculty of Engineering
31, Boulevard Dolez, 7000 Mons, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0) 65 374137   Fax: +32 (0) 65 374136

Please consult our website for more information on our resources and to view our list of publications.



Academic Team 

  • Dr Ir Alain Vande Wouwer, Head of Department
  • Dr Ir Christine Renotte, Associate Professor
  • Dr Ir Marcel Remy, Science Adviser

Research Team

  • ABBATE Thomas,  Researcher
  • AFONSO FERNANDES Sofia,  Researcher
  • CHAUVON Guillaume,  Researcher
  • FEKIH-SALEM Radhouane,  Researcher
  • FEUDJIO LETCHINDJIO Christian ,  Assistant
  • GIOVANNINI CAMPOS Giannina,  Researcher
  • GRIGORE Razvan,  Assistant
  • GRIMARD Jonathan,  Researcher
  • SBARCIOG Mihaela,  Researcher
  • Laurent Dewasme,  Researcher

Technical Team

  • Vincent Moeyaert, Electronics Engineer
  • Véronique Piette, Secretary
  • William Van Hoeck, Computer Specialist


Research Themes

Our main research themes (non-exhaustive list) include:

  • Modelling, simulation and control of industrial processes (e.g. cement and chemical industries)
  • Modeling and control of bioprocesses
  • Mathematical modeling and simulation in ecology and environment
  • Positioning vehicles


Teaching Activities

Our main teaching activities (non-exhaustive list) include:

  • Introduction to differential systems
  • Automatic Control I and II
  • Multivariable Control systems
  • Adaptive Fuzzy-Neural Controls
  • Optimal and Predictive Controls
  • Modeling and Simulation of Industrial Processes
  • Seminars on Automatic Control and industrial visits
  • Random Signals and Stochastic Processes
  • Identification of Industrial Processes
  • Modeling and Control of Bioprocesses
  • Seminar on Life Engineering
  • Life Engineering Project