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Department of Materials Science



Prof. Marjorie Olivier, Head of Department.
UMONS Faculty of Engineering
56, rue de l'Epargne, 7000 Mons, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0) 65 374431   Fax: +32 (0) 65 374416

Please consult our website for more information on our resources and to view our list of publications.


Academic Team

  • Prof. Marjorie Olivier, Full Professor 
  • Prof. André Decroly, Senior Researcher - Associate Professor (part-time)
  • Prof. Maurice-François Gonon, Senior Researcher - Associate Professor (part-time)

Visiting Professors

  • Dr Francis Cambier, INISMa


Research Team

  • Ir Nathalie Maury, Research Assistant
  • Dr Catherine Vandermiers, Senior Researcher
  • Anne-Pascale Romano, Research Assistant
  • Valérie Sciamanna, Researcher
  • Ir Marie-Eve Druart, PhD Student
  • Ir Xavier Mathieu, Researcher
  • Ir Natanaël Basile, Researcher


Technical Team

  • Philippe Befayt
  • Pascal Bougard
  • Francis Garcia
  • Cécile Lévêque


Joint Collaborators (Materia Nova)

  • Dr Mireille Poelman, Project Coordinator
  • Dr Driss Lahem, Senior Researcher
  • Dr Sébastien Michotte, Senior Researcher
  • Dr Ir Marc Debliquy, Researcher
  • Dr Ir Bénédicte Mullier, Researcher
  • Cécile Motte, Researcher
  • Ahmadou Ly, Researcher
  • Thomas Urios, Researcher 
  • Francesca D'Emidio, Technician
  • Véronique Huart, Technician
  • Viviane Gallait, Technician


Joint Collaborators (INISMa)

  • Jacques Dutrieux, Microprobes System Engineer


Research Themes

Our main research themes (non-exhaustive list) include:

  • Electrochemistry of functional coatings (M.-G. Olivier and M. Debliquy)
  • Heterogeneous catalysis (A. Decroly)
  • Preparation and characterisation of ceramics and cement (V. Sciamanna)
  • Improving and streamlining the manufacturing process of white cement (V. Sciamanna)
  • Fire-resistant glazing
  • Sensors deposited on optical fibers (M. Debliquy and D. Lahem)
  • Preparation and characterisation of functional glass-ceramic materials (N. Maury and M. Gonon)
  • Characterisation of mechanical properties of glass-ceramic materials (M. Gonon)
  • Influence of surface characteristics on the aging of  zirconia (TZP) (M. Gonon)
  • Improving the performance of the quantitative analysis of crystalline phases using the the Rietveld method (M. Gonon)
  • Characterisation of ceramic and refractory materials using non-destructive methods - X-ray microtomography and acoustic emission (S. Meulenyzer and M. Gonon)
  • Study of the influence of organic coatings on filiform corrosion of aluminium (A.-P. Romano)
  • Electrochemical evaluation of the lifespan of coatings (M. Poelman and M.-G. Olivier)
  • Corrosion inhibitors (C. Motte and M.-G. Olivier)
  • Performance reflectors (M.-E. Druart and M.-G. Olivier)
  • Thermochromism / Electrochromism (M.-E. Druart and M.-G. Olivier)
  • New surface treatments (M. Poelman, C. Motte, M.-E. Druart and M.-G. Olivier)
  • Dye-sensitised solar cells (Grätzel cells) (X. Mathieu and A. Decroly)


Teaching Activities

Our main teaching activities (non-exhaustive list) include:

  • Reaction Chemistry
  • Elements of Physical and Organic Chemistry
  • Electrochemistry and Applications
  • Physical Chemistry of Surfaces
  • General Ceramics 
  • General Rheology
  • Corrosion and Surface Treatment
  • Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Impact of Corrosion on Power Plant Safety
  • Materials Science I
  • Physics of Solid States
  • Microstructural Characterisation Techniques 
  • Fracture Mechanics 
  • Non-destructive Testing
  • Elements of Physics in Solid-state Ceramic Materials with complementary units
  • Implementation of New Ceramics
  • Glass and Cement - Refractory Ceramics
  • Safety and Behaviour of Materials
  • Functional Ceramics and Bioceramics
  • Selection of Materials