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Department of Thermal Engineering and Combustion



Prof Dr Ir Paul Lybaert, Head of Department.
UMONS Faculty of Engineering 
56, rue de l'Epargne, 7000 Mons, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0) 65 374459   Fax: +32 (0) 65 374400


Academic Team

  • Dr Ir Véronique Feldheim, Professor
  • Dr Ir Paul Lybaert, Full Professor


Research Team

  • Ir Luis Candanedo Ibarra
  • Ir Marie Cordier, Research Assistant
  • Dr MScAp Moncef Gazdallah, Post-doc Researcher
  • Ir Benoît Liemans, Research Assistant
  • Dr Ir Delphine Lupant, Research and teaching associate
  • Ir Gabriele Mosca
  • Ir Julien Quinten, Research Assistant

Technical Team

  • Christophe Coetsier
  • Marcel Rustin
  • Marjorie Godart, Secretary

Research Themes 

Our main research themes (non-exhaustive list) include:

  • Modelling and numerical simulation of industrial furnaces
  • Radiation modelling
  • Study of energy efficient buildings
  • Study of performance combisystems
  • Fundamental and applied combustion: Reducing NOx emissions from combustion plants using preheated air. New techniques of combustion and flameless oxidation


Teaching Activities

Our main teaching activities (non-exhaustive list) include:

  • Thermal Building Concepts
  • Thermal Science
  • Air Conditioning in Buildings
  • Thermal Equipment
  • Applied Thermal Science
  • Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer
  • Combustion
  • Solar Energy & Air Conditioning
  • Integration of Renewable Energy
  • Passive Solar Energy
  • Complement to Thermal Science


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