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Our group is expert in the development of software for biology, ecology and oceanography, based on the S language, a specialized computer language for statistics. This langue, is among others, implemented in the open source software R.

Hence, we develop specialized packages for R, like PASTECS, (Package for the Analysis of Space-Time Ecological Series), or complete applications like Zoo/PhytoImage.

One major topic in software development in our context is to make R more accessible for biologists, more specifically, for our students and collaborators. In this context, we develop SciViews, which provides a graphical user interface for easier use of R.

All these computer programs are distributed under an open source license, as R itself. They are downloadable from SciViews.

Our scientific publications related to this topic are collected in the ULB-UMONS institutional database DI-Fusion .

PhD and Master Theses

PhD and Master theses and premaster placements taking part of the development of software in our laboratory:

  • Denis, K., (in course). Etude en temps réel du plancton dans la zone côtière belge de la Mer du Nord à l'aide du FlowCAM et de Zoo/PhytoImage. PhD Thesis at UMONS, mentor: Ph. Grosjean.
  • Govaerts, P., 2010. Implémentation d'une technique de comptage automatique du nombre de cellules par colonies de phytoplancton de la Mer du Nord à l'aide du FlowCAM et de Zoo/PhytoImage. Master Thesis at UMONS, mentor: Ph. Grosjean, 101pp with annexes.
  • Bonso, A., 2009. Correction d'erreur en classification supervisée. Application au logiciel Zoo/PhytoImage. Stage de Master placement at UMH, mentor: Ph. Grosjean, 35pp.
  • Denis, K., 2006. Reconnaissance automatique du phytoplancton par analyse d'image avec Zoo/Phytoimage. DEA Thesis at UMH, mentor: Ph. Grosjean, 71pp.
  • Denis, K., 2005. Etude de la diversité du plancton au large du récif de Tuléar (Madagascar) par analyse d'image. Master Thesis at UMH, mentor : Ph. Grosjean, 160pp with annexes.


Could we be useful to you?
We provide specialized courses about R. We have already provided such courses in French and in English, including at IFREMER (France), at AZTI (Spain) and at CEFAS (United Kingdom).
We also develop custom-made software solutions for specific needs, including for the industry, under sub-contractance. Contact-us for more infos...

Direct links...

Zoo/PhytoImage :
a software to analyze images from plankton samples.

SciViews :
easy and intuitive use of R, integration with the Komodo code editor.