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Micro- and Nanophotonic Materials Group

The focus of the group is on the modeling of photonic effects in thin-film, micro- and nano-scale structures. We study novel technologies, such as plasmonics and photonic crystals, to aid the efficiency of photovoltaic and LED devices.

Head of group: B. Maes
tel : +32 65 373 385


University of Mons,
Faculty of Sciences
Bat. IV,
Avenue Maistriau 19,
B-7000 Mons, Belgique


  • Gilles Rosolen published a paper in Light: Science & Applications : "Metasurface-based multi-harmonic free electron light source", in collaboration with MIT, Technion and SIMTech.
  • Fabio Vaianella published a paper in ACS Photonics concerning strong coupling and exceptional points, in collaboration with O. Hess' group in Imperial College London.