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Mons Meeting 2013
PandA Doctoral School

In recent years, the field of Strong Gravity has been very active. The plethora of proposed modified theories together with the gauge-gravity duality, the challenge in conceiving new experiments, and the corresponding difficulty of probing unexplored regimes where new physics might be revealed, call for a joint effort within the community.

The first edition of the Mons Meeting will be held in Mons from 15 July to 18 July as part of the Belgian Doctoral School program. Topics will cover Black hole physics, gravity in extra-dimensions, Numerical Relativity, Perturbations in Cosmology and tests of Alternative theories of gravity. The Mons Meeting 2013 aim to introduce and give an overview of recent developments in these topics.

Lectures will be given at the Université de Mons in the mornings of Monday 15 to Thursday 18 of July.

Application deadline : 30/06/2013
No registration fee. Postdoc and permanents are of course welcome.

See the links in the left menu for registration and additional informations.

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